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SINAMICS G150 Drive Converter Cabinet Units

    • SINAMICS G150 Drive Converter Cabinet Units
      The universal converter for high power ratings
      Supply voltages : Output ranges :
      3AC 380 to 480 V 110 to 900 kW
      3AC 500 to 600 V 110 to 1000 kW
      3AC 660 to 690 V 75 to 2700 kW
      Supply systems : TN/TT or IT
      Line frequency : 47 to 63 Hz
      Output frequency : 0 to 300 Hz

    • SINAMICS G130 Chassis Units

      With its SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet units, Siemens is offering a drive system on which all line-side and motor-side components as well as the Power Module are integrated extremely compactly into a specially designed cabinet enclosure.

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